JMB Dance academy

Class Descriptions

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) - This class is required for all students ages 7+ that are enrolled in a Ballet class. It is geared towards sub-junior and senior dancers. PBT is for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. Click here for additional information.

Tiny Toes (Ages 2.5-4) - A 30 minute class designed to introduce 2.5-4 year old children to dance and a studio environment. This class focuses on creative movement and an introduction to Pre-Ballet. We use the Princess Ballerinas curriculum for this class. Tiny Toes is for toddlers who can be in the studio without a parent or guardian.

Terrific Trio - Ballet/Acro/Tap (Ages 4-5.5) - A 45 minutes class that builds on the fundamentals of Ballet and Acro, and introduces the dancers to Tap dance. Even attention is given to each discipline throughout the year.

Dazzling Duo 1 - Ballet/Acro  (Ages 6-8) – A 60 minute class. The first 30 minutes are spent on Ballet where students build on fundamentals of Ballet, studio etiquette, and discipline. The second 30 minutes of the class is spent doing Acro. Dancers will focus on strengthening the major muscle groups and flexibility.

Dazzling Duo 2 - Jazz/Tap (Ages 6-8) – A 60 minute class. The first 30 minutes of class are spent on Jazz where students will work on proper technique, strength, and stretching. The second part of the class is spent doing Tap dance. Dancers will learn rhythm, creative movement, and building friendships with other dancers.

Acro - Acro provides dancers with flexibility and strength to achieve those amazing extensions and moves during performances. With our Acro curriculum, dancers will progress through skills (acrobatic holds, tumbling, and partnering). Acro is the second most important foundational dance style, aside from Ballet.

Ballet - Ballet is the foundation of all dance and the key to having successful and technically proficient dancers. At JMB Dance Academy, we teach the Vaganova method of Ballet. This method fuses elements of traditional French Ballet technique with the Italian technique. The curriculum is designed to involve the entire body. Students will also learn proper terminology. It is highly recommended that all dancers be enrolled in a Ballet class.

Hip Hop – Hip Hop is an energetic and fun modern form of dance. During this class dancers will develop rhythm, musicality, coordination, and learn how to add their personality into the movements.

Jazz - Jazz pulls from many different forms of dance. This class consists of warm-up, stretching, conditioning, across the floor progression, and stage presence. Students will use their knowledge from Ballet and Acro throughout this class.

Lyrical/Contemporary - This form of dance combines the technical skills of Ballet with the energy of Jazz. Lyrical dance is used to convey a story or emotion through movement. During this class students will focus on balance, weight changes, ground movements, extensions, and personal expression. *Ballet is required to take this class.

Tap - This classes teaches rhythms by combining different tap steps. Beginner classes focus on the basics of Tap. As the classes advance, the students will practice more difficult combinations of rhythms.

Private Lessons - Private lessons are available for any student and in any style. These lessons can be used for technique or to learn/improve choreography. These lessons are available upon request and subject to the instructor’s availability.