JMB Dance academy



Q: When will the 2019-2020 schedule be available? When can I register for classes?

A: The 2019-2020 schedule will be available in April. Open registration beings April 29, 2019

Q: How do I register for classes?

A: Registration is done online. Registration for the 2019-2020 season can be done here .You will then receive an invoice via email for all registration fees.

Q: The class i want my child in is full, what should i do?

A: You can still register for the class but will be put on the wait list. If a spot becomes available you will be notified.

Q: do i have to pay the annual membership fee at the time of registration? why can’t i wait until the first day of classes?

A: The annual membership fee must be paid at the time of registration. You will receive an email invoice shortly after your registration is submitted. Your child’s spot is not guaranteed until this is paid.

For example, There is only one (1) spot left in the Tiny Toes 2 class. Student A (you) signs up for Tiny Toes 2 on Monday and Student B (another parent) signs up for Tiny Toes 2 on Tuesday. Student B pays the annual membership fee right away. They are now enrolled in the class and you are put on the wait list. To avoid this situation, pay the annual membership fee right away to ensure your child is in the class.

Q: Can we just show up for a class?

A: Classes fill up quickly. To ensure that everyone gets the best experience and a seamless transition, we require a trial class before enrollment when classes are already in session.

Q: My child just turned 2 can he/she still take class?

A: We require a trial class for all new students from ages 2.5-4.5. A requirement for the Pre-Ballet class is that the child can be in the studio without a parent/guardian.

Q: When are trial classes?

A: Trial classes are held twice a month on Saturday mornings. Contact the studio for times.

Q: Am I able to watch my child during class?

A: We find if parents are watching the class most often it becomes a huge distraction for the dancers in the class. It sometimes makes the child uncomfortable and he/she does not dance to their fullest potential. So no, parents are not allowed to watch the classes. At the end of each month we bring parents in to see what their child has been working on.

Q: What should my child wear?

A: Each class follows a strict dress code that must be followed. Our dress code allows for the instructors to assess and correct proper body alignment and allow for proper spotting during classes. JMBDA provides parents the option to purchase attire through the studio at a lower cost than local dance stores and online. Dress code can be found here.

Q: What additional fees am I responsible for besides monthly tuition?

A: There is a $25 annual membership fee ($15 for each additional sibling), a costume fee per dancer ($55-$125 depending on the class), and a recital fee (t-shirt, 2 tickets, and DVD).

Q: Does my child have to take the Progressing Ballet Technique class?

A: If you child is enrolled in a Ballet class then yes, he/she is required to take a PBT class. If you child is NOT enrolled in a Ballet class, they are NOT required to take a PBT but it is high recommended that all dancers ages 7+ take it.